Automation and equipment integration

Vision leverages its network resource management and inventory modules to drive its next generation automation and equipment integration platform.

In inventory, we define the product, both in terms of its physical configuration (i.e. card, ports, etc.), services for which it may be used (i.e. DSL or GPON) and also its accessibility to Vision for monitoring and configuration. We may define a card as being having 8 gigabit ethernet ports, and accessibility via a specific interface and/or API calls. This level of accessibility provides Vision the ability to monitor and provision aspects of the hardware.

Within network resources, we define the physical and logical connections required to provide services of specific types. For example, we understand that a Fiber based internet package may require a Last Mile circuit, an ONT, a GPON SFP and appropriate provisioning of all equipment to provide service at the required tier. Vision knows the location of the physical plant, the location and type of service requested, as well as the equipment presently in place and accessible required to provide it. With the accessibility of the equipment configured within Vision, Vision is then capable of communicating with the hardware to automate subscriber provisioning and monitor the state of the hardware and connection.

Vision currently supports specific Calix based communications hardware. Subsequent releases will add support for additional hardware and platforms.