Subscribers and CRM

For many Service Providers, managing their subscribers and customer relationships is simply knowing who they are, and where to provide service. The systems they use are too often separate from those upon which Providers rely to deliver service, creating a disconnect between requirement and result.

With Vision Subscribers, we track the entire life of resources, contacts, documents, and actions brought to bear to provide service for a given account.


Everything with Vision is location first, and this includes subscribers. When a Subscriber begins their life as a lead, we first require an operator choose and verify a valid addressable location at which service is to be provided. Upon linking, we provide Google Street view of the location, when available. Additionally, this location may have had service previously, or may be the subscribers 2nd or 10th address. Visibility into the life of this location and subscriber gives operators visibility into existing resources already in play (i.e. Existing loops, equipment, and payment history) to shorten installation windows.

Subscribers are location based, and so are Service Packages. Vision narrows available services to only that which Managers explicitly define as available within an area. For example, these can be within the range of a tower as identified by wireless propagation maps, or within 250 feet of a fiber access point. Customer service representatives and technicians will find all critical information attached to the service, not tossed loosely in a contact log. Each service package is defined along a series of attributes common to their service offering, such as Phone Number, Channel, Circuit ID, IP Address, E-mail Address, and more.

Subscribers may be assigned one or more contacts, based on their relationship to the account. For a residential account, this may be all authorized members of the household. For businesses with multiple locations, there may be a separate billing or technical contact per location. Each of these use cases is intuitively managed within the Vision Subscriber Contact Module.

From the moment a subscriber lead is generated, Vision tracks every administrative action taken within an account. This includes actions which create or modify the account, but also actions which affect attached services, tickets, invoices, payments, and the like. If an automated late payment notice triggers a text to the Subscriber’s billing contact, the Subscriber Account Timeline will record this action for the life of the Subscriber, and beyond.

There are many documents relevant to a Subscriber Account. Among these are contracts, service level agreements, quotes, and pictures taken by technicians in the field. For retaining these and other documents, Vision supports drag and drop of attachments to Subscriber accounts.