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Inventory Management

Inventory Management is made easy with Vision’s Inventory Module. We keep track of vendors, manufacturers, products, purchase orders, and locations where you have inventory. The entire life cycle of inventory, from its request to its installation within the network, are tracked and managed within Vision.

Purchase Orders track the process of ordering and receiving inventory into your company. Providers can track the cost of items, establish reorder points, and enforce management sign-off before buying inventory.

Warehouses track the location of inventory. These locations can be configured to be traditional warehouses, work vehicles, technicians, or other permissible locations. Warehouses may be divided further into departments, rooms, racks, shelves, or other infinitely divided constituent locations. Inventory received on a purchase order may be strictly enforced as being received into a specific warehouse to control the flow and availability of equipment.

Inventory is made up of Products, and Vision provides for the fine grain application of configurations to these products. Configurations may include slots, ports, power interface, or however the client needs them defined. Definitions of configurations may propagate to other instances of a product or be revised for upgraded models. Once defined, products integrate within Physical Circuits, providing service availability via Logical Circuits (See Network Resource Management).

In addition to the inventory itself, Vision Inventory Management tracks manufacturers, vendors, the products they build and provide, and the organizational contacts you rely on.