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Location-first approach ensures accuracy


Vision location-first approach manages subscribers, network, equipment and services. By keeping track of a location's lifetime subscriber history, Vision makes it easy to know if service has been delivered to that location, or if there is existing equipment. Tracking a location's history saves time and money — especially once repeat service is offered at a location. 

Rather than continuously dispatching service technicians each time a new subscriber moves into a location, the system retains the information and indicates to the customer service representative if they will be able to offer service at that location. 

Instead of relying on an employee to remember the service coverage details or difficulties at a location, the system becomes the knowledge bank to save time and money that would result from an unnecessary dispatch. 

Vision takes the guesswork out of selling. Precision-based selling is only possible because Vision prioritizes location-first.


Service offers are location-based and only display in the areas where specific technology, pricing and speeds are offered, helping to reduce human error by a customer service representative unknowingly selling a service where it is not provided.


Vision is precise about where services are offered because of its location-first emphasis, which allows companies to be more confident with their online sales. The system knows if service can be offered on one side of the road and not the other, allowing accurate pricing and selling.

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