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Make network monitoring and mapping accessible

Vision shares the job of monitoring the network with the network engineer and shares visual data with frontline support. 

Monitoring the service is made easy by the active services card on a subscriber's account page. The card allows representatives to quickly assess the status of a subscriber's connection with color-coded status indicators and at-a-glance service package summaries. This way troubleshooting a potential problem doesn't have to involve a network engineer.

Vision's ability to map circuits makes it possible to build and model the network to reflect ground truth as new subscribers are added. The capability to virtually represent the network ensures new subscribers are being added in areas with existing or planned coverage. 

Virtually building and selling in real time allows Vision to integrate the network with subscriber accounts. This means faster and more accurate impact assessment when an unplanned network outage occurs and makes notifying affected subscribers a quick and easy process. 

The system creates a visual model of the network, including all hardware and connection ports, to increase company knowledge of the network layout in day-to-day operations. Accurately mapping circuits makes it possible to quickly understand which subscribers are affected by planned and unplanned outages. 

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