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Phase one: Project evaluation and discovery allow our team to determine what steps need to happen to get the project off the ground. 

Project feasibilty

​Project feasibility ensures a thorough understanding of the project, identifies any potential roadblocks and raises the overall level of project awareness.

  • Review competitive environment and evaluate opportunities for growth. 

  • Explore the availability of competent construction services and identify required resources. 

  • Evaluate construction methods (like aerial, underground or microtrenching) and their merits for your particular project.

  • Establish pole ownership and determine the ability to attach. 

  • Research right-of-way requirements. 

Financial consultation 

​Our team can help you identify funding and assist with necessary financial applications. 

  • Facilitate funding conversations. 

  • Assess estimated project cost and funding needs. 

  • Identify advantages of grants versus loans.

  • Assist throughout the grant and loan application process, including state, NTIA, USDA through RUS and other programs. 

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