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Phase three: Quality project management safeguards your financial investment during and after construction. 


Building a fiber network successfully is more than just following the design plan. Our team can help interface with distributors and manufacturers, develop contracts and inspect construction throughout the entire build process. ​

  • Create a bill of materials and assist with orders. 

  • Develop contracts and assist in contract negotiation. 

  • Manage bidding process and assist with contractor selection. 

Supervising and inspecting

​Supervising and inspecting construction ensures the build stays true to the design. 

  • Inspect work completed during construction and update construction maps. 

  • Ensure documentation complies with all state and federal funding requirements.

  • Complete redlines to ensure the final path is accurately reflected in plant records and contractor units placed (CUP sheets) to account for material usage. 

  • Review and substantiate invoices incurred during the construction process.

Plant record management

​Plant record management maintains outside plant records throughout the life of your network as it expands and changes. 

  • Track your build and maintenance progress with web-based plant records. 

  • Provide plant and network management software. 

  • Generate field-ready map books. 

  • Troubleshoot plant and network. 

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