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The Subscriber Account Page

The Subscriber Account Page has all information pertaining to a particular Subscriber. The floating action button  in the lower right hand corner of the screen allows you to quickly add a Service, open a Ticket, take a Payment, add a Note, add a Contact, add an Attachment, add a Tag, and add a Portal User.



The first section you will see when on the Subscriber Account Page is a Summary of the subscriber. You’re able to customize this section by adding in different summary cards. To add a summary card, click the Display Settings button           in the upper right of the window. From here, you can customize how you view the Subscriber Account Page (for instance, you can choose to collapse street view, or maximize the screen) as well as add new summary cards. Click the Summary Cards drop down menu to view available summary cards. Select desired summary cards then click “Next.” Your selected summary cards will now be displayed. Simply drag and drop the cards to be displayed in any order you wish. Click the icon in the upper right of each card to adjust dimensions. When finished, click “Save Changes.”




The "All" tab shows a history of all major actions on account. The record is stored and can be clicked on to view the action. Example of those actions could be a subscriber has a new service added to their account, a new ticket being added that is tracking a technical issue, a credit card payment being add to the account, a tech takes pictures of the subscriber's NID and attaches to the account, etc...

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