Tickets, network events and dynamic workflows

Ticketing within Vision has several distinct components to satisfy service provider and subscriber requirements. At its core, Vision ticketing exists to record and more easily resolve problems.

To most service providers, Ticketing means tracking and managing subscriber trouble tickets. Problems come to a provider by way of its call center or other support channels, and providers quickly record the issue and assemble resources to resolve the problem. Vision begins by first assigning tickets explicitly to the service, invoice, or location they affect. With Vision, we narrow this focus further by providing multiple dimensions with which to categorize tickets, such as problem categories and sub-categories. To any ticket, operators may add formatted text and attachments to capture actions taken to resolve an issue.

It often occurs that a ticket created to record a simple issue evolves to manage complex processes. For this, service providers use Vision Dynamic Workflows. With Dynamic Workflows, you can create any number of tasks, dependent on one another based on their completion or populated fields. Tasks may be assigned to multiple people or groups, with unique and cascading due dates, and tasks only appear on a user’s task list when the Workflow knows they’re ready to be worked.

Once a Dynamic Workflow is complete, it becomes available for revision and publishing as Static Workflow for subsequent use in your organization.

Network Events may be planned or unplanned. Unplanned events occur when equipment and resources perform in a manner which impacts service offerings or operations in undesirable ways, while planned events may be upgrades, requiring a procedure before approval and action. To capture these, service providers need only a Network Event ticket within Vision. The event may trigger a series of tasks, such as creating customer notification tickets (Created by system) or composing a Method of Procedure. Subsequent Subscriber Tickets may also be attached to a given event.