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Fibersmith was founded in 2013 by Donny Smith with a mission to expand broadband internet access to rural and historically underserved areas.


Our team of seasoned professionals bring innovative ideas and well-earned expertise to each project they undertake. 

Fibersmith Engineering

Fibersmith Engineering specializes in fiber network design and telecommunications grant and loan applications, focusing on providers aiming to close the digital divide in rural areas.


Our engineers are experts at designing and expanding your fiber network to reach customers in more communities. Our plant management team can help you troubleshoot your existing network or shorten the window from design to construction. 

“Fibersmith will do everything but the kitchen sink — they help you build a fiber business — not just a fiber network or internet customers, but a fiber business.”

— Josh Luthman, Imagine Networks 

Vision Software

Fibersmith also continues to meet the telecom industry’s needs with Vision Software, started in 2017 by Josh Johnson. Vision’s location-first approach, along with its lean-practice workflows and third-party integrations create a system that avoids swivel-chair and prioritizes consistency in all business practices.


We know when it comes to selecting a software to run your ISP, experience matters. With Vision's team, clients tap into: 

  • A combined 80+ years of telecommunications experience

  • Technical knowledge of a wide array of broadband networks and services 

  • Management insight into the aspects of successful business operations

  • A structured approach to process management and best practices for providers of all sizes

Vision is built from a hard-earned foundation to support providers in their next stage of expansion. 

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