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Rural Digital Opportunity Fund 

RDOF program and financial consultation

With $20.4 billion in funds available to help bridge the digital divide, Internet service providers across the United States are planning the expansion of their networks to reach unserved or underserved communities. 

Fibersmith helped providers prepare for RDOF by providing service area mapping, forecasting and full-service assistance during and after the auction. Use our RDOF mapping tool which gives you the ability to see the underlying census block groups and tracks with the FCC's initial eligible areas.

In addition to helping our clients deploy their RDOF funds, we also can help you identify additional funding and assist with necessary financial applications. 

We can help: 

  • Facilitate funding conversations. 

  • Assess estimated project cost and funding needs. 

  • Identify advantages of grants versus loans.

  • Assist throughout the grant and loan application process, including state, NTIA, USDA through RUS and other programs. 

Full list of RDOF/Auction 904 program-winning bidders.

Full details about the RDOF/Auction 904 program available on the FCC website.

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